Data loggers

From data loggers to internet gateways, we have all the tools you need to ensure accurate tracking of location, temperature and other conditions. Reliably monitor your drugs around the world, or down the street. We can also integrate your choice of other loggers with our system.

Qualified and validated

Reliable devices of high standards that meet the usability and performance requirements of GxP operations  

Accuracy guaranteed

All loggers come calibrated to ISO17025 standard, with full details of procedure, date, and equipment

Sustainability cautious

Our hardware is designed, manufactured and commercialized with sustainability in mind

Explore our different

data loggers

As well as providing the world’s leading cloud temperature monitoring solution, we also supply some of the most reliable monitoring equipment. If a product has TSS on the label, you are assured quality. 
Seamless loggers


data loggers

Bluetooth technology allows for automatic, seamless upload of data, without the need of active intervention. It also provides visibility at key points of the delivery's journey, minimizing operator interference, increasing efficiency, and reducing data gaps. It can also provide real-time visibility of facility conditions.
Big insights, low effort
Real-time loggers


data loggers

In those cases where the most up to date shipment information is critical, a real-time data logger transmitting data through cellular connectivity and GPS location tracking provides the ultimate solution, relaying temperature, location, humidity and other data at regular intervals.
When every second counts
USB loggers


data loggers

Tried and tested, USB loggers are still the go-to choice for a range of shipment options, providing an easy reliable plug-and-play option requiring no infrastructure, accessories or installations.
Cost effective proven reliability
Facility loggers

Facility monitoring

data loggers

Monitor fridges and freezers in realtime at storage facilities, clinical sites and pharmacies, receiving immediate alerts in the event of an excursion. Avoid expensive wastage and compromised clinical trials.
Your extra pair of eyes
Humidity loggers

Humidity monitoring

data loggers

It’s not just about temperature - we have loggers for every situation, including humidity monitoring for shipments that are moisture sensitive.
Every last detail
Frequently Asked Questions

Let us explain further

What type of data loggers does TSS offer?

We offer a broad range of data loggers for both shipment and facility monitoring that capture data on location, temperature, humidity and other conditions. They transmit data in different ways, from common USB upload to active transmission via Bluetooth or Cellular network, as well as location over GPS. Read more about our data loggers here

Can other data loggers be used with the platform?

Yes, we offer a broad range of our own hardware but also integrate 3rd party data loggers from qualified suppliers into our technology-agnostic platform. Read more about our SaaS platform here

Are TSS data loggers IATA compliant?

Yes, read more about our data loggers here

Which modes of transportation do you support?

We support all modes of transportation, from road and rail over sea and air—Independent of the length of shipment and the regulatory requirements, such as IATA approval.

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