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For over 30 years, TSS has been at the forefront of innovation in temperature management solutions, ensuring safe delivery of drugs to patients worldwide. Working hand in hand with the life science industry’s most respected companies, we are proud of our role in facilitating safe and sustainable end-to-end drug delivery.

As the dynamics of the life science supply chain change, the need to transform becomes evident. TSS can help you do just that, today.

Many companies describe their work as ‘mission-critical’, but when it comes to ensuring safe drugs delivery the stakes couldn’t be higher. TSS has a unique focus, developing tools that the industry relies upon, to monitor and analyze the condition of their shipments at every stage, from bulk transport to individual doses in clinical trials.

The TSS Vision

Assure safe drugs for every patient.

Become the global quality control standard for safe and sustainable end-to-end drug delivery.

The TSS Mission

To transform the global life science supply chain,

by providing an industry leading cloud temperature management solution that enables the Life Science Industry to ensure drugs are delivered safely and sustainably to patients.

Our Core Values

  • COLLABORATIVE - Doing Awesome Things Together
  • INNOVATIVE - Meeting the Needs of Both Today and the Future
  • RESPONSIBLE - Convinced that Responsible Actions Lead to Sustainable Business
  • QUALITY FOCUS - Settling for Nothing Less Than Excellence
  • SUSTAINABLE - Acting, Operating and Delivering a Sustainable Future


Environmental challenges are critical, and more urgent than ever to address. Industrialization, urbanization and growing consumption affect the environment we live in and the health of the people around the world. 

TSS operates a critical SaaS infrastructure and distributes large volumes of IoT devices to enable the life science industry to support individuals in living a healthy, sustainable, and qualitative life. This means we have a responsibility to minimize environmental impact with regards to climate change, resource scarcity, pollution and plastic waste.

Therefore, TSS has stated an environmental strategy with the ambition to have zero environmental impact. We will achieve this by:

  • Refining business processes to minimize consumption and waste.
  • Increasing the use of renewable energy.
  • Designing products with clear focus on reusability.
  • Innovating in commercial models to encourage recycling of components, without compromising on quality (read more about on Sustainability program).

At TSS, we aspire to make an impact on our world for future generations. We focus our work related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SDG, where we think we can achieve the greatest impact.

Our prioritized goals:

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