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We believe that future-proof temperature monitoring is technology agnostic, and that data is best seen in the context of other data, so we’ve built a range of integrations that allow you to get the most of all of the software and hardware combinations you choose. 


Enables integration with ERP, WMS or shipping systems for a leaner dispatch and release process and provides valuable meta data for actionable insights to drive supply chain transformation

Freight forwarder

Enables integration with freight forwarders to capture cargo milestones for enhanced visibility of performance and identification of risk areas


Integrations with IRT or RTSM software enables automation of end-to-end temperature excursion review in TSS Clinical Module


Integration with Clinical Trial Management Systems enables user management in TSS Clinical Module

Flight radar

Enables visualization of air freight shipments as their location can be tracked in real time in TSS GeoTrack Module for any data logger

Single Sign On (SSO)

We support several single sign-on technologies and systems for safe and easy user access

Data logger 3rd party

Enables ingestion of data from 3rd party data loggers from direct logger upload or API integration

Data lakes

We have vast experience of integrations and different kinds of data export to corporate data lakes


Enables destination weather prediction, which may inform alternate route or packaging, and displays the weather forecast on the shipment summary report

Google Geocoding

Enables location view in the TSS GeoTrack Module by converting addresses into geographical coordinates, which can be used to place markers or position on a map
Current integrations include but are not limited to:

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