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While all of our clients’ needs are different, certain requirements are more common than others. Monitoring solutions for shipments, facilities or even end-to-end for either clinical or commercial operations. We have a solution for any use case.

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Shipment Monitoring



As the global quality standard in safe and sustainable drug delivery, our shipment solutions are used to ensure the safety of millions of patients every day. Our powerful big data driven analytics tools, ensure compliance is met, and help identify lean and sustainable initiatives that save companies millions of dollars annually.
Actionable insights
End-to-End Clinical



We know how valuable your clinical trials are - in both human and financial terms. Most temperature excursions happen at clinical sites. Primary, secondary and storage monitoring is often done in silos, which is an inefficient use of stability data. When an excursion happens at the last stage, manual scrambling of earlier data takes time and products need manual quarantine handling in the IRT.  
Automatic release
End-to-End Commercial



Barriers between primary, secondary, and storage monitoring in the commercial supply chain is common, with inefficient use of stability data as a consequence. End-to-end visibility is the key to creating more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable supply chains.
End-to-end visibility
Real-Time Monitoring



For shipments that require total visibility - those of high value, sensitivity, or which are subject to extra security requirements, real time monitoring is the ideal solution. Interventions of shipments or re-planning of new supply can be time-critical when it comes to life-saving treatments or contractual obligations.
Anytime, anywhere
Facility Monitoring



Relying on manual interventions to capture temperature data at clinical sites, pharmacies or other storage of drugs imposes risk of errors, data gaps and increased workload. In addition, any remote control of the storage facilities becomes effectively impossible and interventions may come too late to save valuable products in case of temperature excursions. Real-time data feeds and alerts eliminates these risks.
Remote control
Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of SaaS solutions does TSS offer?

We offer SaaS solutions for shipment, storage and end-to-end monitoring of GxP critical operations. Read more about our packaged solutions here

Does TSS offer real-time monitoring solutions?

Yes, we offer both real-time monitoring for shipment and storage, including software, data loggers and 24/7 Control Tower services, including device management and intervention. Read more about our real-time monitoring solutions here

Which services does TSS offer?

We offer a broad range of strategic and operational services, such as 24/7 monitoring and intervention of shipments, calibration services, business analytics and insights for cost savings. Read more about our services here

How can I get in touch with you?

If you would like to learn more about your solutions, please get in touch with our customer service here

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