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At TSS, we supply so much more than data logging hardware - we offer a complete package of software solutions and a broad range of services that give you total oversight and peace of mind, while providing business critical insights to improve supply chain efficiency.
Circular Logger Services

HaaS: Circular

Logger Services

The most environmentally and financially sustainable program for temperature monitoring.
The most environmentally and financially sustainable program for temperature monitoring.
Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Optimize your supply chain by gaining actionable insights that let you identify inefficiencies in your process
24/7 Control Tower


Control Tower

Maintain complete oversight of shipment conditions and device management from one central location, and leave interventions to us
Guidance and Support


and Support

From onboarding and implementation, over validation and project management - we are here to guide you through the process


Our data loggers are calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 standards and our own validated calibration lab in Solna, Sweden is certified by Swedac.
Temperature Mapping

Temperature Mapping

Enables full visibility and control over your temperature-controlled storage areas and vehicles
Frequently Asked Questions

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Which services does TSS offer?

We offer a broad range of strategic and operational services, such as 24/7 monitoring and intervention of shipments, calibration services, business analytics and insights for cost savings.

Does TSS offer 24/7 Control Tower services?

Yes, our 24/7 Control Tower services compose of a range of services configurable for each client’s need, and span over vendor managed inventory, reverse logistics of used devices to intervention. It can be used with any of our hardware technologies but is most requested for shipments under the surveillance of active loggers (Bluetooth, GPS, Cellular network). Read more about our services here

Does TSS calibrate its data loggers in-house?

Yes, TSS operates a calibration lab certified to ISO17025 but also works with other ISO certified partners. Read more about our calibration services here

How do I contact TSS customer service?

You can get in touch with our customer services here

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