Sentry FlightSafe

SENTRY600 FLIGHTSAFE® 5G logger is a compact and flexible wireless shipment datalogger for real-time tracking, optimized for extended field life and extreme scalability. It is the first logger to feature LoRaWAN® 5G cellular technology, audio-visual sensors and ePaper display.
State of the art IoT logger for real-time monitoring of temperature, location and several conditions
Airfreight suitable

With patented Flightsafe feature, holding large number of airline approvals

Global coverage

Wide global coverage through compatibility with LTE-M, NB IoT and 2G as fallback

Location tracking

Enabled through GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, Wi-Fi and Sentinel Anchor Tags

Sustainable to follow drugs in real-time over long routes

TSS offers Sentry600 FlightSafe®, designed and manufactured by OnAsset Intelligence. It is a rechargeable and multiuse data logger with an operating range of -20°C to +60°C and incorporates OnAsset's patented FlightSafe® feature. It operates on global cellular coverage with LTE-M, NB IoT, 2G worldwide.

Using the Sentry600Flightsafe® together with TSS Cloud and GeoTrack Application, you have instant and continuous access to temperature and location visibility via cellular network data transmission and GPS location information. TSS also offers Control Tower services including replenishment of loggers to sending sites, pick up at receiving sites and 24/7 intervention service.

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