Business analytics

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Optimize your supply chain by gaining actionable insights that let you identify inefficiencies in your process
Analyze your supply chain using data

The combination of rich data sets, powerful analytics tools and intuitive dashboards and reports enables you to compare and analyze your supply chain and identify new cost-saving initiatives that can help transform the way you manage and handle the delivery of drugs. Reports and analytics can be delivered as a stepwise approach to transformation.

Data cleaning

Quality in data is critical to take the right decisions and an enabler for advanced analytics and future machine learning. With TSS Data Cleaning Services, you can: 

  • Importing, clean and process historical data. 
  • Map and correct inconsistent metadata.
  • Inactivate pending missions that are obsolete.
  • Filter out or exclude test shipments/warehouse shipments.

Business analytics 

Business analytics analyses various types of information to make practical, data-driven business decisions and implement changes based on those decisions. Business analytics often uses insights drawn from data analysis to identify problems and find solutions, such as Milestone trending.

TSS business analyst service supports our customers in understanding different stakeholders' supply chain and performance. The service includes but is not limited to:  

  • Review of alarm performance, root cause analysis and reporting trends.  
  • Periodic review of supply chain performance with analysis of improvement areas.
  • Best practices for data management and data quality.
  • Processing data to identify actionable insights, to further develop the customer's supply chain.   

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