The module
Easily add and configure product-specific temperature profile and shipment data.
Receive through TSS Mobile APP, an automatic feed of protected and live temperature data during transit and at site

Profile Management

Our profile management application ensures that quality requirements for product tolerances are fulfilled.

  • Set pre-configured profiles that reduces risk of human errors and simplifies the launch process by limiting the number of operational steps
  • Configure profiles to align with user roles to limit errors.
  • Add start delays preventing unnecessary excursions​.
  • Enter data at launch or automatically retrieve it via integration​.


  • Allow for additional data points to be associated with a profile​, i.e. carrier, pallet number, AWB or others.
  • Automatically populate the origin or destinations fields via Smart TripTags based on the user’s location​.
  • Data collected in the TripTags can be used in reporting to perform root cause analysis and gain insights and metrics that streamline your operations. 
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