TempMonitor BLE

A wireless logger for facility monitoring, using an internal temperature sensor and supporting up to two probes. In real-time, it communicates and transmits data to TSS Cloud via TSS Gateway or the TSS Mobile app.
Monitor fridges and freezers and small spaces at clinical sites, pharmacies or other locations 
Live data

Receive a live feed of protected temperature data for remote site monitoring and automatic notifications

Global connectivity

Connects over either Ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular network with automatic fail-over if needed


Designed to minimize the environmental footprint and enable greener processes

Seamless monitoring of storage facilities

The TempMonitor BLE automatically records data and uploads it to TSS Cloud for continuous monitoring, supporting GxP compliant product releases. In addition, it is integrated with the TSS Facility Application for site-specific control and configurable user access rights. TempMonitor BLE records up to 50,000 data points and monitors drugs across a range of -50°C to 80°C using its two supported digital probes.

Live and a wireless data feed

TSS Gateway collects, processes, and delivers data, in real-time, from all TSS Bluetooth loggers, ensuring data integrity and securing connectivity via either Ethernet, Wi-Fi or a cellular network to TSS Cloud. It provides a powerful and cost-effective edge network for large-scale and sustainable setup.

TSS's seamless Bluetooth solutions are the next exciting step in our long history of innovating for pharma, with pharma. After deep-diving into challenges with process efficiency and adherence in the industry today, we are proud to introduce the next step to a more cost and resource-efficient operation that also bring insights, oversight and visibility. I truly believe that this will revolutionize the way that our customers operate their supply chains.

- Niclas Ohlsson, CEO

Visibility anytime, anywhere

Getting an automatic readout of your temperature data, uploading mission data to TSS Cloud, or connecting to your loggers is now as simple as scanning a barcode via your TSS Mobile App. Get mission status updates directly on your mobile.

Easy to install

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