The module
Complete archive of all your historic shipment and storage data for granular analysis and insights.
Optimize your supply chain by gaining actionable insights that let you identify inefficiencies in your process

Actionable insights provided through reports

Whether needed for day-to-day operations, management reporting or strategic decisions, the Report Application visualizes data, your way, in reports and dashboards. You can compare everything from shipment routes and modes of transport to freight forwarder performance, as well as the impact different packaging has on a drug. Use the set of standard reports, or let us develop customized ones for your specific needs.

Users can for example apply their own filters/reports or schedule reports for convenient email delivery.

Set a goal and track your progress

  • Identify Trends and Initiatives.
  • Log of all shipment incidents​.
  • Find all mission activities in one application. 
  • Global performance deep dive.
  • Worst and best performing lanes and/or sites.
  • Localize all pending loggers with uncomplete missions.
  • Filter on cold chain vs CRT analysis.

Additional insights can be offered by our business analyst team as a service.  

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