An accurate and easy-to-use logger for temperature monitoring, enabling anybody with computer access to instantly see if an excursion has occurred. Mission data is automatically uploaded to the cloud, providing a complete record of all your shipments.
Flexible and accurate logger for monitoring temperature and ensuring safe and compliant delivery of drugs across the supply chain
Qualified and validated

Reliable device of high standards to meet the requirements of usability and performance of GxP operations

Accuracy guaranteed

Calibrated to ISO 17025 standard, with full details of procedure, date, and equipment


Designed, manufactured and commercialized with sustainability in mind

Intuitive solution for safe drug delivery

WebLogger II is an accurate logger, easy and intuitive to operate, for ensuring safe and compliant delivery of drugs across the supply chain. The USB connection allows simple upload of data to the cloud from any computer – making it ideal for any shipments from primary distribution to the last mile.

Key Features

The webLogger II is a multi-use logger with memory allowing for 65,000 data points. It monitors drugs across a range of -30 to +70°C. No local software is required to upload shipment data to the cloud, and the intentional lack of display encourages uploads of all shipment data to receive the mission result. The webLogger II is IATA compliant.

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