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Maintain complete oversight of shipment conditions and device management from one central location, and leave interventions to us
Monitor critical shipments, securing safe delivery to their destination. Manage single use or multiple use loggers for increased sustainability

TSS 24/7 Control tower includes a range of services configurable for each client's need. It can be used with any TSS's hardware technology but is most requested for shipments under the surveillance of active loggers (Bluetooth, GPS, Cellular network).

Intervention Service

Shipments monitored by TSS devices will be acted upon based on agreed alarm levels. TSS can evaluate the alarm, notify the freight forwarder and customer through approved channels and escalate to instances that the parties have defined in advance.

Reverse Logistics 

The Reverse Logistics service handles used loggers, whether single use or multiple use. TSS manages the return of single use loggers to TSS for recycling.

For multiple use loggers, TSS re-distributes loggers from receiving to launching sites to optimize use rate. This also includes bringing multi use loggers back to TSS for re-calibration when required and they are then re-entered into the fleet. 

Vendor Managed Inventory

With the Vendor Managed Inventory service (VMI), TSS is responsible for the monthly re-stocking of data loggers at all sites, based on the number of devices launched during the past month, and the predicted launches in the upcoming month. TSS carries a central security stock to optimize a sustainable fleet.

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