On-demand webinar: Excursion Management – From days to seconds

Learn how clinical trial sponsors saves millions of dollars by replacing manual processes with a digital, automated solution.

Excursion Management

By watching this webinar, you can expect to learn how to:

  • Reduce admin time for site staff, monitors and HQ teams in handling temperature excursions and deviations
  • Boost sponsor attractiveness and reduce failed patient visits
  • Reduce waste of trial products
  • Increase patient safety – reducing the risk for dispensing of products affected by a temperature deviation

Listen to TSS’s Hanna Söderström and her presentation on:

  • How can digitalization reduce a temperature excursion process – from days to seconds?
  • How can IoT enable end-to-end visibility of product stability throughout a clinical trial?

Watch this webinar on-demand today by completing the form below.

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