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Anita joined us in the middle of a global pandemic, in August 2020, but hasn’t let remote working stop her from becoming a hugely important part of our team.
As an account manager, she is responsible for the relationship with some of our most important customers.

Meet our people: Anita Leposa

In another busy day of back-to-back video calls and client meetings, Anita managed to find half an hour to sit down, make a hot drink and tell us a bit about herself.

In broad terms, what do you do at TSS?

I manage one of the key accounts here at TSS, and that means that my job role includes a bit of pretty much everything. TSS is a growing company, so as the person in charge of the account, I like to make sure I am involved in every part of projects, from planning to delivery.  

I guess you could say that I spend most of my time coordinating the TSS team, talking to the client, and ensuring that our output is always high quality. One of the reasons I love the job is because of how varied it is.

What were you doing before?

I am currently based in the UK, in Macclesfield near Manchester, but I am originally from Hungary. I relocated around 14 years ago as part of my previous life in the semiconductor industry. The story of how I ended up at TSS is quite a strange one. I have a sister who lives and works in Stockholm so I was originally looking to work for a company from that part of the world so that I could relocate to be closer to her. Or at least to be able to visit more frequently.  

I started searching for companies in the semiconductor industry, but that didn’t get me very far. I saw an account manager position for TSS, and I thought it sounded really interesting. So I gave it a shot, and here I am. And funnily enough, the account I was to manage for this Swedish company was based almost down the road from my home in the UK.  

Wow. That is quite a unique origin story.

Yes, especially coming from a completely different industry. But I strongly believe that when it comes to being an account manager, it is the attention to detail, personality, and ability to work with others that are the most important factors.  

Obviously, semiconductors is a pretty technical industry with its own language and market dynamics. But switching to SaaS solutions for life sciences was still a massive jump. A year later, I am still learning, but the support I receive every day from the TSS team is amazing. Having the right people around me has been really crucial because I always have someone more knowledgeable that I can turn to.  

So, what does a typical workday look like for you?

I’m a very social person. I love to communicate, and I am always excited and passionate. This makes me really suited to my role here because no two days are ever the same. Because I am involved in every part of our projects, there are so many things I could potentially be doing. I could be in strategy meetings or working with our teams on a specific issue. I could be working on supply, planning, quality, commercial, financial or legal and be in contact with our customers or other stakeholders. The one thing that is guaranteed, though is that there will be lots of meetings. Which is absolutely fine with me.  

What do you like most about working at TSS?

My professional history is made up of huge multinational companies. Large teams and, honestly, a lot less responsibility and decision-making power for the same job title. Joining a growing company like TSS means we work in a much more open and collaborative way. We challenge each other and create solutions to problems together. And because we don’t have to go through a large number of management or approval layers, we can get things done so much quicker.  

I also get a lot of satisfaction in knowing that by supporting our pharmaceutical clients, we are helping create better healthcare results for patients. Especially during Covid-19, it has been really great to know that our temperature monitoring solutions are playing an important role in saving lives.  

What do you think the future holds for you and TSS?

I think TSS is going to keep growing and developing really rapidly. The market is very strong at the moment, and there are some amazing potential and business opportunities out there. In my role, I am just going to keep learning and make sure I do everything I can to keep our clients happy as well as our internal teams. I’d say the future looks very bright right now.

Thanks, Anita!

No problem, and just in time for my next meeting.  

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